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The key to a manageable health insurance plan from Vermont Health Connect is an affordable deductible. There are employer options to consider and for individuals there is a Health Saving Account, life insurance with tax-free accessible cash or other cash sources. We can help you through this maze. We can also help you choose a Medicare supplement and Rx plan.

Are you planning a trip abroad?

Short and long term health and accident insurance for travel abroad is less expensive than most anticipate. Sometimes it is available on a group basis but usually it is an individual choice. Cost is based on where one plans to travel, how long, age and sometimes current health condition.

Life insurance can help in many ways:

Cash value life insurance is an excellent way to prepare for unexpected health needs, especially deductibles. Free riders for chronic illness, critical care and even supplemental funds for long term care are usually available as an accelerated death benefit. Borrowing from a policy is very inexpensive, easy and tax free, but not to be confused with the "withdrawal" of cash. Old permanent life policies may be exchanged for a modern indexed life policy to save tax free funds for:

  • Major purchases
  • College education
  • Supplementing retirement
  • Final debt and expenses
  • Tax free transfer of funds to family or charity

A less expensive alternative to the policies described above would be "final effects" policy that has a low face coverage ranging from $3,000 - $25,000 with easy underwriting. In addition to covering final debts, funeral, and burial expenses, these policies can be conformed to Medicaid rules.

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