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Sam Miller Insurance specializes in life and health insurance products, especially indexed universal life, indexed annuities, long term care and market linked bank certificates of deposit. Indexed policies go up with the market but remain level, without loss, when the market drops.

Have you ever considered purchasing a life insurance policy designed, not only to benefit your family at your death, but also to benefit yourself and your family during your life time? These policies provide benefits for long term care if incapacitated, for special care if terminally ill or funds if temporarily unable to work. When designed to produce significant cash value, these policies provide funds as low interest loans for purposes of your choosing and without reducing the value of your policy. These policies are purchased with after-tax dollars and earn cash value tax free, including compound interest, if premiums are paid and funds are not withdrawn. Of course, loans are not taxable.

Annuities are long-term financial contracts usually intended for retirement. Contracts can be deferred for later in life or immediate and like Social Security can be chosen to last a life time for a single life or a couple. Deferred annuities can be indexed to follow the DOW, S and P etc. up but not down, taking advantage of compound interest. Unlike life insurance, earned interest is taxable when taken. Variable annuities, which usually include stocks, are not available from Sam Miller Insurance.

Market linked CDs are FDIC insured and follow the stock market in various ways, some with guaranteed minimum interest. All of them are designed to produce substantially better interest rates than ordinary CDs. These are conservatively managed by Goldman Sachs and Bank of the West. For a free brochure, please e-mail:SamMillerInsurance@gmail.com.

Long Term Care Insurance provides insurance when incapable of doing a number of the basic activities of day-to-day living including coverage at home and in a nursing home. Primarily, this insurance protects an individual or a couple’s assets against loss due to the heavy cost of incapacitation. It also may provide more comfortable surroundings than Medicaid would.

In the health area, Sam Miller Insurance offers Medicare Supplemental insurance and employee group benefits to supplement an employer's major health insurance. A free brochure is available by e-mail..